Employment and Entrepreneurship


Expanding the job market to ensure zero involuntary unemployment in the Maldives in five years.


Facilitating collateral-free start-up loans of MVR 500 million in five years, with incubation and on-call mentorship, in expatriate-heavy sectors.


Expanding Exclusive for Maldivians' employment fields, to limit expatriate competition for lucrative jobs and income earning sources for Maldivian youth (including hair and beauty, resort musicians and in-house bands, housekeeping and front office in resorts, resort HR department jobs and taxi driving).


Recalibrating the existing civil service salary model to incentivize youthful and graduate-standard employees, with the possibility of doubling their current salaries.


Finding a sustainable solution to the continued issues related to the illegal immigrant population.


Increase the ratio of women in senior management and leadership roles in the civil service.


Increasing Maldivian professionals in selected fields of importance for future national development, including airport management and route development, auditing and accounting, fisheries and agriculture marketing, logistics, computer science teaching, transport and trade, property and estate management.


Reforming the national pay framework in the public sector (including State institutions and uniform bodies), and ensuring immediate implementation of promotions pending over the past five years.

Progressive Party of Maldives17 October 2011


People's National Congress31 January 2019


  • PPM

    Progressive Party of Maldives
  • PNC

    People's National Congress