Housing and Urbanisation


Implementing PPM's total solution for housing, by ensuring a housing plot or apartment for every eligible citizen over the age of 18 years.


Providing an additional total housing stock of 80,000 housing units in the Greater Male' Region to ensure that the residents in the region will be guaranteed adequate housing for the next 20 years.


Facilitating easy-repayment bank loans (at interest rates of 5 percent) for all new homebuilders.


Introducing a government scheme to voluntarily build, on a turnkey basis, houses on the plots that were allocated to recipients under the Binveriya Programme, facilitating recipients to convert their promised plots to actual homes.


Launching an easy repayment housing loan scheme to complete work on stalled private housing projects.


Further developing the Greater Male' Region as the central hub of national development, encompassing the connected islands of Hulhumale', Male', Villimale', Gulhifalhu, Giraavarufalhu, and Fushidhiggarufalhu (connected by high-speed ferry).


Establishing a development bank to provide low-interest loans to developers and investors providing social housing.


Paving every road of every city, with asphalting of all major streets.


Providing all islands with essential amenities and urban services, with access to higher order services through high-speed digital and transport connectivity.


Ensuring social housing for all rightfully-shortlisted recipients denied their rights in the past five years.


Recognizing and enacting policies to assure the constitutional right to housing for all.


Developing the Northern Development Zone (comprising of Haa Alifu Atoll, Haa Dhaalu Atoll, and Shaviyani Atoll) as a high order urban hub in the Maldives outside Male' Urban Region, and the Zone to include global shipping and industrial activity centered at Haven; administered by Kulhudhuffushi City; and global connectivity provided by Haa Dhaalu Hanimaadhoo.


Developing the Southern Development Zone (comprising of Gaafu Alifu Atoll, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Fuvahmulah City, and Addu City) as a high order urban hub in the Maldives outside Male' Urban Region, and the Zone to be centered at Addu City, providing international connectivity, global shipping hub, industrial activity, agricultural and tourism facilities in Fuvahmulah City and Gaafu Alifu Atoll and Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.


Developing seven additional middle-order urban centers at strategic locations (three in the north of Male' and four in the south).


Streamlining the legal and administrative process to buy, sell, rent and lease housing stock to make a more fluid and well-functioning housing market.


Improving the process of access to housing through the identification of housing needs by removing the recourse to an application process and ending any and all discriminatory practices in housing allocation.


Improving the quality and safety aspects of existing housing stock through funding and technical support initiatives.


Ensuring that all housing rented in the private market satisfy health and safety standards, daylighting and ventilation requirements, and adequate space and amenity standards.


Reassessing utilization of corporate and industrial plots in Male' city to set aside vacant lots to build 2000 new social housing units for needy residents of Male' city.


Building 500 new social housing units in Villimale'.


Prioritizing young families in all future housing schemes, with 3,000 guaranteed two-room apartments for young working families.


Prioritizing single parents in all future housing schemes, with 1,000 guaranteed two-room apartments.


Prioritizing persons with disabilities in all future housing schemes, with 500 guaranteed two-room apartments.


Prioritizing persons without prospects for inheritance, with 500 guaranteed two-room apartments.


Introducing a special social housing scheme category for Maldivian tourism employees.


Introducing a special social housing scheme category for Male' Dhaftharu.


Revising building code for Villimale' to permit high-rises of up to 10 storeys, while retaining the lush greenery and motorized vehicle-free status on the island, doubling the carrying capacity of water, sanitation, and power on Villimale', as well as repairing and upgrading critical facilities such as schools and mosques.


Building brand new, modern and spacious flats for resident of Sinamale' and Male' Hiyaa flats in Male' and Sinamale' flats in Villingili.


Increasing plots assigned in all cities for Waaf developments, to enhance funds for needy residents.


Building a brand new, multistorey, modern fish market in Male' city.


Honoring every single apartment or plot pledge to the people by the departing government.


Introducing parking buildings in strategic locations of Male' City to reduce congestion and increase parking spaces


Introducing a state-of-the-art dewatering network throughout Male' city to improve storm drainage and reduce seasonal rainfall and tidal surge flooding.


Introducing an e-biking scheme in all cities, to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestions.


Conducting a nationwide project to build housing (both as row houses and apartment buildings) on islands with an immediate need for housing supply.


Establishing the necessary legislative framework to implement projects using the globally-recognized tool of 'land readjustment', to address concerns related to unsustainable urbanization and land planning in heavily congested and badly planned streets and residential plots in selected islands.


Increasing the number of vehicle-free lanes in Male, and landscaping parts of the city to make it more pleasant and livable.


Launching a scheme to facilitate switching residential plots in Male' where existing plots are not feasible for bank loans as a result of their location.


Waiving off any and all unpaid dues in penalties and fines incurred by recipients under all housing schemes.


Restoring the constitutionally and legally entrusted mandate of Hulhumale' municipal services from Urbanco to Male' City Council, along with the assigned budgets and currently-utilizing resources for their work, and hiring staff for the work from the budget, as well as offering staff change over from one institution to the other at their current salaries.


Establishing a digital portal comprising all streets in all cities in the country to improve efficiency in service delivery.


Digitalizing the traffic grid of Male' using artificial intelligence

Progressive Party of Maldives17 October 2011


People's National Congress31 January 2019


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