Legal and Judicial Reform


Reforming the current Drug Court system and amending the Drug Act and related legal framework to ensure that the drug rehabilitation system is established properly and efficiently in order to have a modern, efficient restorative and rehabilitative system.


Revising the current system to change that criminal records for minor criminal offences shall not be considered for employment purposes.


Introducing a Criminal Compensation Act whereby a person can claim for compensation for wrongful detention, prosecution, or conviction.


Establishing a Small Claims Court.


Introducing a comprehensive Bail Act to ensure that every person has the legal avenue to obtain bail during the investigation stage, pretrial stage, and during appeal periods post convictions; and legislate on the classification of bails and procedural rules of a bail system.


Proposing to amend the Constitution to fix the number of Members of the Parliament, change the criteria of Members of the Parliament, change the composition of the Judicial Service Commission to address existing loopholes for the body to act as a vehicle for the government of the day to interfere in the judiciary, and establish and detail High Treason to the Nation in the Constitution.


Introducing a law on High Treason with details of the offence and penalties.


Amending the Maldives Police Service Act to ensure that the Police is an independent and just institution that serves to protect the safety of the society.


Amending the Military Services Act to ensure that the military service serves to defend and protect national security and territorial integrity, and possesses modern capabilities and introduces the legislative procedures for a court martial system.


Amending the Civil Procedures Act to ensure just, efficient, timely and cost-efficient resolution in civil judicial matters.


Introducing a legal framework to allow private individuals to initiate criminal complaints to magistrates.


Removing the obstacles to obtain justice in the atolls and islands by changing the courts and judicial system in the atolls and islands.


Bringing an end to the prolonged detention cases without proper and periodic judicial review of the detentions, and thereby reforming the police investigation system in a manner where an accused shall be prosecuted within 24 hours or no more than 48 hours after any detention order.


Bringing an end to detention orders where it is based solely on police intelligence without any facts or corroborating evidence or based solely on assumptions of the police.


Granting the Right to Assembly in conformity with principles and practices in a free and democratic society and in a manner that is not contrary to any tenet of Islam.

Progressive Party of Maldives17 October 2011


People's National Congress31 January 2019


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    Progressive Party of Maldives
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